Month: January 2020

International Event Fall 2019 – Honors at Oxford Information Session

On October 9th, Dr. Brian Johnson hosted an information session at the honors college building. The session delved into details about the honors college sponsored study abroad program. Dr. Brian Johnson has also given a seminar this semester to the Global Engagement Fellows about some of the nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships this semester. His Read More

International Issue- Significance of the Mediterranean Diet

The fact that the Mediterranean Diet was named the first gastronomic tradition to be named an “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO is undeniably significant. Since the diet’s popularization by Ancel Keys in the 1960s, Mediterranean has been the pinnacle of healthy eating. The plant-based diet cuts back on processed foods and focuses on whole foods Read More

International Club- French Club

The French Club can be pretty elusive unless you know where to look. Since they don’t send out emails to its members or communicate via Orgsync, the best way to figure out when events are taking place is through the Facebook group “French Club 2018-2019”. This year, club meetings were dedicated to one hour of Read More

International Issue- The Division of Class in Regards to the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has often been referred to as the peasants’ diet. This is because it usually consisted of food items that could traditionally have been grown in a home garden. The Mediterranean diet contains very little meat. This is because peasants usually did not have access to meat which was a rich man’s delicacy. Read More

Fall 2019 International Event Dhamaka-Diwali Night

On October 26, 2019, the Indian Student Association hosted its annual Diwali night. The event took place at the Reynolds Performing Arts Center on campus and featured students from the Indian Student association in traditional and regional Indian clothing. The students also rehearsed and performed modern and traditional versions of Indian music and dances. Indian Read More